Smoked Brussel Sprout Kimchi



1/2 pound brussel sprouts

1/4 cup kosher salted

1  cup rice vinegar
2 tablespoons sugar
6 tablespoons Srirachi Chili Sauce
1 inch piece fresh ginger, grated
2 gloves garlic, grated
1 1/2 tablespoons smoke picante paprika


1/2 pound brussel sprouts

Using a mandiline thinly slice the brussels sprouts.  Put into a colander, and add salt mixing well.  Allow this to drain for 2 hours, until it is wilted.  This is an important step so don’t rush it.

IMG_0431  IMG_0441

In a medium size bowl combine vinegar and sugar and allow to dissolve.  Incorporate chili paste, ginger, garlic and smoked paprika.  Take the sliced brussels sprouts and rise throughly, dry well.

IMG_0444                                     IMG_0447

Mix vinegar solution with the now dry brussels sprouts and pack into a clean container, cover.  Refrigerate for minimum of 48 hours before use.  As this ages it will become spicier.

I like this as a condiment for fish tacos, or served with a cheese board.

As a final step I ran the completed kimshi through my Vitamix on setting 5 for a few pulses.  This gave the kimchi more of a condiment texture verses a slaw texture.

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