Getting My Hygge On

The past few weeks at the lake have been pretty cold and the forecast for tomorrow and the next couple days are rain, freezing rain, snow and just plain miserable.  Schools look as though they will be closed so everyone is getting ready to hunker down.

The geese and the ducks don’t seem to be bothered too much by it, and we have a heron that has been fishing most of the morning in the shallows in front of my office window.  My husband has been traveling back and forth to the Netherlands and Sweden the past year and it was then that I started looking up Scandinavian food and recipes.  Its also when I came across the word, “hygge”.

Hygge, is comfort, warm or homey for a loose definition .  If your home or food is described as hygge it is a high compliment .  So on this cold and dark day, and the days ahead I think I need to get my hygge on.

With Sweden having amost 2 full months with the sun not shining I would venture to guess they know something about dealing with dark days.  So I’m going to go for a little comfort and light.  I have candles lit all over the kitchen, I’m going to start by baking dog cookies and will continue with a cinnamon and ginger spiced banana bread.  Cookies are tomorrow.

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