Bread and Milk
My husband tells me I learned how to cook because of self preservation.

My mom, God love her, isn’t much of a cook. She used ketchup for spaghetti sauce, water in her canned tomato soup and powdered milk for a lot of the milk we drank from a glass.

My dad isn’t a cook either. He could assemble a mean sandwich and warm up things in the microwave, but that was and still is the extent of his cookery.

So given neither of my parents enjoyed cooking by the end of the week when Sunday supper rolled around no one was cooking. Enter bread and milk!

Bread and milk was the go to meal Sunday night. Sandwiched in between The Lawrence Welk Show and the Wonderful World of Disney was bread and milk. Bread was toasted, sprinkled with brown sugar, add one good glug of milk and wallah! Supper!

This was one of the first meals I cooked. Over the years my cooking skills have vastly improved and that is what I would like to share with you. A recipe here, a little helpful hint there, and some great photos to help inspire you.

C. A. Smiley


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